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Steps Involved To Apply To Join Buffalo Executives Association (BEA) – Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Executives Association Has Been The Premier Business Executive Networking Organization In The Buffalo – Niagara Region Of Western New York Since 1935 – “Business Is Our Only Business”

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    Businesses join BEA, not individuals. The business is the Member. Each Member has a Primary Representative and up to two Alternate Representatives.

    The Primary Representative shall be the owner, an officer, executive, or an individual with substantial influence within the business.

    The Alternate Representative(s) shall be held to the same standards as the Primary Representative.

    Both Primary and Alternate Representatives must be approved by, and at all times must be acceptable to, the Board of Directors.

    Each Member is industry specific holding a unique classification, so only if your classification is unfilled are you able to apply.

    See the current list of BEA Member Classifications

    Steps To Joining BEA:

    1. Submit the Quick Inquiry Form (above).

    2. Following review of your initial inquiry, which will involve a phone call from our Executive Director, you may be invited to continue this process by:

    • Attending a BEA lunch as our guest
    • Submitting Your Completed BEA Membership Application Form
    • Submitting Your Initiation Fee Payment
    • Your application is then subject to acceptance by all current members & Board approval.

    If you own a business in the Buffalo, NY – Western New York Area and feel that you have something to contribute, and a desire to receive the benefits of BEA Membership, please Contact Us to talk about your business.

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