Buffalo Executives Association


What BEA Membership Means

The Buffalo Executives Association requires 3 key qualities from every Member:

Desire – Commitment – Excellence

Desire to be a part of a networking organization that will cause both Your Company and our other BEA Member Companies to thrive as a direct result of your involvement.

Commitment that is demonstrated by your proactive participation in all BEA events, and enthusiastic support of the BEA and our Business Members.

A dedication to Excellence that is witnessed by your client-service oriented attitude when providing your goods or services to our Business Members or anyone else that they might refer to your business.

BEA Is About Business

Businesses join BEA, not individuals. The business is the Member. Each Member has a Primary Representative and up to two Alternate Representatives. The Primary Representative shall be the owner, an officer, executive, or an individual with substantial influence within the business.

The Alternate Representative(s) shall be held to the same standards as the Primary Representative. Both Primary and Alternate Representatives must be approved by, and at all times must be acceptable to, the Board of Directors. Industry exclusivity is guaranteed to Business Members in good standing, each Member holding a unique business classification.

If you own a business in the Buffalo, NY – Western New York Area and feel that you have something to contribute, and a desire to receive the benefits of BEA Membership, please Contact Us to talk about your business becoming a member of our Association.


As a member, you have access to a network of successful executives.