Buffalo Executives Association


BEA Mission Statement

“The Buffalo Executives Association’s mission is to provide an atmosphere where members empower each other through the development and growth of business and personal relationships.  Achieving this through a steadfast commitment to each other and maintaining a continuous exchange of business information, ideas and referrals. To build a social network of diverse individuals and organizations who understand that business is personal.”

Buffalo Executives Association Business Meetings Schedule

BEA Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.


2024 Calendar

January 3           Membership Meeting                Hofbrauhaus Buffalo     12:00pm

January 17         Happy Hour – Bring a Guest     Hofbrauhaus Buffalo      4:00pm

February 7         Annual Meeting                          Rizotto Italian Eatery     12:00pm

February 21       President’s Dinner                     Rizotto Italian Eatery      6:00pm

March 6              Membership Meeting               Hofbrauhaus Buffalo     12:00pm

March 20            March Madness Event              Hofbrauhaus Buffalo     4:00pm

April 3                 Membership Meeting               Buffalo Riverworks         12:00pm

April 17               Mini Golf Event                          Buffalo Riverworks          4:00pm

May 1                  Membership Meeting               Rizotto Italian Eatery      12:00pm

May 15                DJ Trivia                                       Rizotto Italian Eatery      12:00pm

June 5                  Membership Meeting               Buffalo Riverworks         12:00pm

June 19                Murder Mystery                        Buffalo Riverworks          4:00pm

July 3                    Membership Meeting              Hofbrauhaus Buffalo      12:00pm

July 17                  Happy Hour – Bring a Guest    Hofbrauhaus Buffalo      4:00pm

August 7              Membership Meeting               Rizotto Italian Eatery      12:00pm

August 21            DJ Bingo                                      Rizotto Italian Eatery      4:00pm

September 4       Membership Meeting               Buffalo Riverworks        12:00pm

September 18     TBD Event                                  Buffalo Riverworks         4:00pm

October 2             Membership Meeting              Hofbrauhaus Buffalo    12:00pm

October 16           Oktoberfest Event                    Hofbrauhaus Buffalo    4:00pm

November 6         Membership Meeting              Rizotto Italian Eatery    12:00pm

November 20       Bowling Event                           TBD                                  4:00pm

December 4         Membership Meeting              Buffalo Riverworks        12:00pm

December 18       Holiday Event                            Buffalo Riverworks         TBD

Only BEA Members & Certified Guests May Attend Our Membership Meetings. 

Every Buffalo Executives Association Member commits to their attendance. 

Typical Member attendance is over 90%.