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BEA Fast Facts

BEA has ~ 70 Member companies.

BEA Meetings are weekly & are highly attended.

Each BEA Member is industry specific, holding a unique business classification.

Introducing The Buffalo Executives Association (BEA) – Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Executives Association Has Been The Premier Business Executive Relationship Building Organization In The Buffalo – Niagara Region Of Western New York Since 1935 – “Business Is Our Only Business”

BEA Is About Building Business Relationships

The Buffalo Executives Association was founded in 1935. Although the Buffalo-area business environment has changed dramatically since that time, the BEA has maintained its premier business networking reputation. We believe that our ongoing success is based upon our solid Mission Statement and the fact that our focus and our charter has remained unchanged, and intact, for over 80 years.

BEA Mission Statement

“The objectives of the Buffalo Executives Association shall be to institute and maintain a method of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members; to create and encourage cooperation, business efficiency and service to its members; to bring its members in touch with business opportunities; and to promote a better acquaintance and closer association among its members.”

The BEA is a relationship building organization – not a tip club. We seek to increase sales on behalf of our business members over the long term by forging and nourishing personal relationships between the business owners. This is not an Association where your ROI will be met in a traditional sense, but should be evaluated over a period of several years. We require a commitment to attend meetings and the ability to be an active participant in our group.

We also believe that BEA’s outstanding success as an executive business networking organization is, in large part, due to the dedication of our member businesses to work with and support each other in building ongoing business relationships:

  • BEA Membership is a prized privilege – close communication and scrutiny are utilized to determine a prospective members’ eligibility to join our organization
  • All BEA Members are expected to actively participate in organizational activities and to demonstrate an exuberance and appreciation for BEA and its members with ongoing proactive involvement

If you own a business in the Buffalo, NY – Western New York Area and feel that you have something to contribute, and a desire to receive the benefits of BEA Membership, please Contact Us to talk about your business becoming a member of our Association.

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