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Dec 10 - Protocol - >LVBW
Tax Tips for 2018

Dec 17 - Riverworks, 11:30am
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Jan 7 - Protocol - >Cooper Sign Company

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The Buffalo Executives Association (BEA) is the premier business relationship building organization in the Buffalo – Niagara Falls Region of Western New York:

  • The BEA Roster is a list of over 75 Member Companies
  • BEA Meetings are held weekly & are highly attended
  • BEA Meetings are efficiently focused on enhancing relationships between members and encouraging members to help each other increase their business profitability
  • BEA Attendees are decision-makers: business owners, executives, or those with a substantial influence in the member firm
  • Each BEA Member holds a unique, industry specific, business classification
  • BEA is an active member group of the International Executives Association (IEA)
  • Many BEA Members offer Discounts or Special Offers to other BEA Members, their employees, & family, making its membership an employment enhancement

BEA Since 1935

The Buffalo Executives Association was founded in 1935, based upon the BEA Mission Statement:

BEA Mission Statement

“The objectives of the Buffalo Executives Association shall be to institute and maintain a method of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members; to create and encourage cooperation, business efficiency and service to its members; to bring its members in touch with business opportunities; and to promote a better acquaintance and closer association among its members.”

BEA Business Success

We are a relationship building organization – not a tip club. We seek to increase sales on behalf of our business members over the long term by forging and nourishing personal relationships between the business owners. This is not an Association where your ROI will be met in a traditional sense, but should be evaluated over a period of several years. We require a commitment to attend weekly meetings and the ability to be an active participant in our group.

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